Office Design

Creation of the right office starts with a clear plan, making the most effective use of space alongside design. Do you plan for the present or do you plan for the future of your business? At Activ Business Solutions we focus on creating the most functional space you can create with your new office but deliver plans for the future, increasing or decreasing staff levels and making your workspace flexible for future plans.


Creation of a 2D and 3D layout of your present or future workspace allows us to build the most effective office space available. Using the design alongside our range of space saving products and techniques allows us to present options and solutions to help create the perfect workspace for your business. We believe a partnership approach creates the perfect solution, providing options, ideas and direction to our clients that build trust. By understanding the key requirements from our customers we can use our expertise to deliver an office built for every necessity and potential changes over time.

Layout and Design

What are you trying to achieve with your office? Staff engagement? Aid recruitment? Create the most effective impression for new clients?

Whatever your requirement we believe that the focus on design is key, to deliver a layout that impacts your business built around your business goals.

With thousands of options available we know that we have solutions to help every client with their office furniture needs so the layout and design becomes the important factor in building a new workspace.

Ideas and Creation

Whether you need to separate areas, be more effective with storage solutions, or build your Covid 19 focused workspace, we can help structure ideas and create the most efficient and beautiful office for your business. Our specialist glass and stud wall team can help reinvigorate an office and build new specific areas for staff working but it all starts with the drawings to provide inspiration for the new or changing space.

Contact our fantastic team to discuss how we can help you use your new office more effectively or redesign your existing workspace.

Bespoke options for smaller spaces required? We have you covered.

Larger offices with cost containment a necessity? Look no further.

Let us help you build the office for you with specialist techniques and our customer focused approach to deliver your perfect set up.

Maximise your space. Think about your staff. Consider the future of your business. Build the office you can be proud of. Let us make it easy for you.