DSE Assessment

Ergonomics within the work environment help with employee safety and also help with productivity. With this mindset Activ Business Solutions support clients with individual assessments on their Display Screen Equipment environment, the options to trial chairs to help their set up, and offer options on accessories to aid their ergonomic workspace.

With a team of qualified ergonomic assessors we can support with all ergonomic assessments within your organisation. Our focus is on creating comfortable, safe and productive workspaces for our customers so we can help with advice and recommendations deliver workplace excellence.


It is very easy to spend a large sum of money on an office update or move so we believe our job is to help manage and control costs for you in a number of ways. We often advise paying with lease payments in manageable, regular intervals, particularly for larger projects. This method of office furniture finance payment is completely tax allowable and is often a beneficial method for customers but it needs to be the right option for each individual business. Our aim is to present the finance options to our customer and support them with sensible advice based on their specific situation. Should a client consider lease payments as a sensible approach to financing their project we help with understanding what the monthly, annual and overall costs of choosing this method will be, allowing our customers to make clear, considered decisions on their cashflow.

Our overall aim is to deliver a higher quality solution at a lower cost than budgeted so it is important for us to help provide clear, understandable quotations for this process. If your business has created a budget for your office update then our responsibility is to work closely with you to deliver all of your requirements and ideas without surpassing the budget agreed.

However, if unsure of costs or where to start we are here to help. The process of moving or updating an office can feel stressful and a huge challenge so our aim is to help reduce concern and provide the highest level of support. We will help with design, planning, quotations, finance options, installation timeline and completion to allow you to focus on engaging with your new home. From a financial perspective we always work with the client in mind, whether a desire for the best in class options or budget controlling items, we can create solutions to manage your cost base. It is about your experience and we will help you to build your perfect workspace.

Furniture Refurbishment

In helping our collective carbon footprint and the costs of only purchasing new furniture items, we encourage clients to consider refurbishing items of furniture where possible in any environment. This provides a cost effective and environmentally sound option for customers for all of their soft seating items.

Often the thought is for work items to be removed from a workspace but we are always keen to help clients understand they can upgrade their existing products in an environmentally viable way and add a splash of unique style in reupholstering and repairing their existing products. We can assess your workplace products and offer ideas and solutions to make use of your existing products whether reupholstering, polishing or upcycling what you have in place today. Talk to our team on how we can help revamp your office furniture.

Office Fitout

Creating new space within existing environment is part of our structure, designing and delivering the highest quality internal restructuring. We provide design, creation and installation of office fitout solutions to help customers create the perfect workspace for their business structure and staff to thrive.

From internal walls and plumbing to communication infrastructure and telephony we can support clients with every change within their office space. Solid wall and Glass partions are part of our specialty but we can support with the internal structure and support of any office environment to provide the finest working structure for your teams. Talk to our team of specialists to help design, implement and create your ideal workspace.

Furniture Refurbishment

Our service includes not only the best quality and value office furniture but more importantly the team and structure to install all products to new or existing premises with the least fuss and impact as possible. Our installation team work closely with our project management to ensure that we provide seamless experience for our customers. Whether we are setting up a brand new office environment with new product or we are relocating an office to a new location, we have the specialist team to support you with the transition.

Communication with our customers is the most important factor in our process, creating a partnership approach to our installation. Our team in design, preparation and delivery focus on working closely with our clients, recognising the stress and worry the transition of workspace can create.

Prior to installation we will undertake a survey of your new or existing office to understand all of the factors on impact involved, ranging from the number of floors involved, space available, lifts in place, awkward sections of space, and ultimately the plan to deliver. The understanding and planning of installation enables us to deliver an hassle free installation and amazing work environment for our clients.

Talk to our team today to find out how we can help your office installation go without a hitch!