Digital Agency

Digital Agency is the creative department for Activ. We offer over 20 years combined experience in web design and development working with some of the biggest high street retailers around. We love design and technology and favour modern, mainstream trends to design and develop innovative solutions.

We specialise in responsive web design and data driven online systems. The sites we build are fast, accessible, modern and search engine optimised.

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Our Offerings

We provide selection of our offerings. If you have specific needs: a mobile app, progressive web app, email marketing, as examples, we would be delighted to discuss.

We are a bright bunch. We love a challenge and, education and learning is at our heart. We are happy to learn and adapt to your needs. We have a large network of like minded colleages with a broad skillset that we can call on.


We can help you create or refresh your brand with logo design, typography and colour guidelines.

Landing pages

We produce beatifully designed simple landing pages for small websites with no back end data requirements.

Static Generated Sites

We use bleeding edge technology to build data driven systems which produce static websites at build time. Theses are lightning fast, cheap to host, highly secure, version control, and your data managed by you. Perfect for small to medium businesses and blogs.

Impact sites

Impact sites go the extra mile. Our designs push the visuals to the limit using modern interactions, transitions, parallax scrolling and many other options to provide a slick, modern, impressive experience.

Pattern Library

Pattern libraries are reusable collections of user interface design elements used to build a website. They provide a great level of consistency and maintenance to your websites design. This service is ideal for teams that produces application code but lack the design elements. Will will design and code your patterns for you to incorporate into your app.

Design or Development only

You have an in house design or dev team but not the other, we are happy to fill the gaps for you.


Perhaps you have a mobile application or existing site but you want to consume a RESTful API?

Complex system

We can satisfy any custom requirements for large, complex systems. This type of site would typically be a large system, with custom pages and custom administation system.

Meet the Senior Team

  • Photo of Rich

    Richard Lowes

    Head of Development

    With over 10 years experience in web development in the ecommerce sector working for some huge High Street brands like Matalan, Burberry and Cath Kidston, Richard brings a wealth of knowledge to our development team.

  • Photo of John

    John Melven

    Head of Creative

    John is a highly talented and experienced Web Designer with illustration and promo production skills. With over 8 years experience working in ecommerce for huge high street retailers such as Coast, Karen Millen and Farrow & Ball, John is an amazing asset to any team.

  • Photo of Mike

    Michael Lowes

    Managing Director

    With a Not for Profit background, Michael is a highly commercial sales leader focused on tailored client solutions. He brings enthusiasm and energy to the team, helping to create a true partnership approach with our clients.